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Menstrual Hygiene Disposal
Benefits of MaskIT Menstrual Hygiene Disposal

There are countless reasons to choose MaskIT for your business, all of which can be broken down into three categories, Health and Safety, Financial Benefits, and Customer Experience. MaskIT tampon and pad disposal bags reduce exposure risk to bloodborne pathogens at the touch points in the restroom, help reduce plumbing problems, and control odor. Attention to customer experience has never been more important. Implementing the MaskIT Disposal System in your restroom shows everyone using the restroom that you care about health, safety, and cleanliness.

Menstrual Hygiene Disposal Best Practices

With the help of MaskIT tampon and pad disposal bags, you can rest assured that you have the best method of disposal.. MaskIT addresses the whole process, from removal through disposal. Our patented design provides touch free removal of a tampon or pad, inverts and seals shut, locking in any bloodborne pathogens and odor. Customers and custodial staff will appreciate the enhanced cleanliness of your restrooms. The two color options, white or black, will coordinate with any restroom decor.

About MaskIT

At the core of who we are is the desire to do good, be good and spread good to people, communities, and the environment; Our company was founded on these values and they still guide us today. It is through conscious intention that we offer the cleanest solution available for tampon and pad disposal, in the cleanest way possible. Our commitment to excellence makes MaskIT disposal bags for tampons and pads the premier choice for businesses who want the best.

We love our planet and do everything we can to reduce our ecological footprint. MaskIT pouches are made with plant-based biofilm, derived from the starches of plants and vegetables (mostly potatoes). MaskIT pouches DO NOT contain any polyethylene or plastic materials whatsoever. In fact, our biofilm can be consumed by microorganisms that naturally occur in our soils. Our packaging is made with 100% post consumer paper and is even printed with soy-based ink in a facility that operates on 100% renewable energy.

How to use MaskIT

Why Choose MaskIT?

Reduce Exposure Risks

While our understanding of bloodborne pathogens has improved significantly in the last 100 years, the way facilities handle menstrual waste has remained unchanged leaving a major hole in the chain of infection control and countless people exposed to bloodborne pathogens like Hepatitis B, C, and MRSA.

MaskIT's patented design provides glove-like protection during the removal of a menstrual item, self contains, and then seals the item within. This reduces potential exposure risks at all the touchpoints in a restroom and provides extra protection for custodial staff.

Our design is the safest method of disposal and is considered by many to be the best practice for menstrual waste management.

Reduce Plumbing Problems

Flushed menstrual items will inevitably lead to plumbing problems in any facility. If your facility has older plumbing or happens to be on a septic system, these problems can become even more complicated and very costly. MaskIT can help prevent plumbing problems in your facility by addressing the most common reasons menstrual items are flushed; messy or overfilled receptacles and a general lack of a sanitary option for their disposal.

The MaskIT solution is effective because it is intentional. All menstrual waste is sealed within the MaskIT pouch before it is placed into a receptacle, which prevents visible contamination. MaskIT is more compact than toilet paper and as a result, receptacles do not fill as quickly. When clean receptacles are provided, they are more likely to be used. Providing MaskIT has proven to reduce flushing behavior.

Improved Cleanliness

MaskIT addresses one of the biggest pain points in public restrooms, menstrual receptacles. With MaskIT, receptacles stay clean inside and out creating a safer, more sanitary environment for everyone. In addition to making a restroom look cleaner, our solution helps restrooms feel cleaner as well because our plant-based biofilm has scientific properties that block odor molecules.

Keeping your menstrual receptacles clean goes a long way towards setting your restrooms standard of cleanliness. When people feel a facility has provided them a clean restroom environment they are more inclined to keep the restroom clean. MaskIT proactively addresses all of these problems.

Happier Custodial Staff

MaskIT also addresses a major pain point for custodial staff; servicing menstrual receptacles. Oftentimes, wax paper bags hurt the overall cleanliness of a restroom and force custodial staff to handle menstrual waste not properly contained in bags. With wax paper bags, receptacles are easily contaminated, can overflow, and are difficult to keep clean. This put a disproportionate amount of stress on the custodial staff.

Halh-hinge design. Metal lock & key.

Light weight. Easy to install.

Easy to maintain. Pre-drilled holes.

Educational signage.

MaskIT installation