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Walter E. Nelson Co. is the largest family-owned janitorial, chemical & paper distributor in the Pacific Northwest

I appreciate the assistance that my sales rep and WENCO have given as we restructured our custodial program. They assisted us in establishing a product ordering protocol, training our custodial team, and providing service and maintenance to our machines, which has been a great asset as well.

K-12 Custodial Manager

We recently changed to WENCO as a supplier. The past three months have virtually been effortless with the help from our WENCO salesperson.

Community Janitorial Service Manager

WENCO has been a great service provider. Pricing has always been fair and always competitive.

College Custodial Manager

Walter E-Nelson has proven valuable to our organization for many years thanks largely to the outstanding service and professional dedication I have always witnessed from them.

Dale M. Operations Analyst Vancouver Public Schools